A city full of monuments

From the perfect location of the Condes de Haro hotel, forget about your car. We can inform you about the main places to visit, stroll and parks and tell you which wineries can be reached by foot.
If you prefer to have a guide, we have contacts with companies specializing in guided tours. Or you can design your own route with all the information provided by the tourist office, located just a few meters from the hotel.


Tapas on Calle Laurel

Traditional La Rioja cuisine is based mainly on a wide variety of quality products, as diverse as its climate and its terrain. The differences between the mountain area and the banks of the river Ebro account for different natural products that when combined give rise to a richer and more varied cuisine.
The entire La Rioja region boasts innumerable restaurants. From home-made food to the creations of the most renowned chefs, we have a varied offer to satisfy all tastes, moments and budgets.
Just a few meters from the hotel is the famous street Calle Laurel, renowned for its wines and tapas, where you can taste all types of Riojan gastronomy in the form of “pinchos” served with magnificent wines.

Leisure and enotourism

There is much to see and do in Logroño and the surrounding area…

Our staff can provide you with all the information you need and offer you new options, whether you are travelling for leisure or business.
We can arrange visits to wineries, routes through the city, nature routes, active tourism, tickets to shows, visits to monasteries and everything that is within our reach. For more information, the tourist office is just 5-minutes walk form the hotel where you can obtain more detailed information.


Route on the road to Santiago

From Viana following the well-marked route you can reach the border between La Rioja and Navarre.
After the communication hub, the road runs through corn fields and after a slight descent reaches the edge of the river Ebro. Follow upstream to the famous Stone Bridge, where pilgrims cross the first great river they come across on the route.

We are now in Logroño, the second great city on the French Way.
To reach the hotel, take Calle Ruavieja to Plaza del Parlamento and from there take Avenida de Portugal. You will see the sign of HOTEL CONDES DE HARO.

We offer pilgrims a well-deserved rest and breakfast service from 06:00 to 10:30 h plus free luggage and bicycle storage.
Once at the hotel, we make arrangements for luggage transport and can also contact companies specializing in therapeutic and relaxing massages, at an additional cost.

What to see in Logroño

What you cannot miss